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Dear Diary, Adela turns Ivana into a sexual deviant in the new video: Click to Turn On her Dick. Adela is a self-professed sex addict and she seeks help with therapist Ivana. Adela tries her best to be on good behavior, but her hypersexual nature gets the better of her. She knocks Adela out with her serpent shlong and sets it up so that she controls Ivana's sex drive with a click of her remote control. She turn Ivana into a sex fiend and gets Ivana to fuck her ravenously. As Adela rides Ivana's cock, she starts cumming everywhere. Then Adela takes her serpent cock and shoves it into Ivana's pussy until Ivana spews enormous amounts of cum from her dick!

Dear Diary, new model Tina Trousersnake makes her photo debut along with Pauline and Summer in: Frenzied Fuck Bunnies. The three love bunnies suck, fuck, and cum all over each other!

Dear Diary, Mandy gets herself off in the new video: Solo Semen Shower. She walks into the shower hot and horny, immediately starts stroking her thick cock. She sits down, sucks herself off and gives herself a foot job. She vigorously jerks her dick until her thick cum shoots out of her cock hole and all over her face.

Dear Diary, Janeen gets her fill of Pamela's penis in the new photoset: Bully her with Big Boner. Pamela is an alpha female with her giant cock and she makes sure that Janeen knows who the boss is.

Dear Diary, Lana interviews Becky in the new video: Cock Talk Show Spermathon. Becky is a guest on Lana's show and she tells Lana all of her dirty desires. Lana has Becky show off her tits and dick wagging talents. Then she stuff's Becky's long shlong into her mouth. Becky returns the favor by jerking and sucking both of Lana's limbs. Lana shows her guest some love by giving her a foot job and she tells Becky that she's really into messy facials. Becky, always a polite and willing guest cums all over Lana's face! Not to be outdone, Lana cums on both their faces for the show finale.

Dear Diary, Adela controls Ivana and makes her a willing sex participant in the new photo set: Click to Turn on Her Dick. Adela is a sex addict who goes to Ivana for help, but can't stop herself from having sex with Ivana.

Dear Diary, Elisa makes her video debut in: Thick Penis Piss Pervert. She takes big gulps of water and starts pissing on herself and showers herself with the warm, golden pee. She fills up a bucket and drinks from it so she can continue peeing. This turns her on so much that she starts jerking herself off and cums while drinking her piss.

Dear Diary, Mandy cleans herself with cum in the new photoset: Solo Semen Shower. She is a filthy dirty girl who's hungry for cum.

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